Character List

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Character List property type

A Character List property stores the key of a single character.

The "List" part of the name refers to the dropdown list on the property page of a character, location or object, from which you select the required character.

To actually store a list of characters, use a character GROUP.

For example, if the Location of the character property is set to On character, then the On which character? property becomes available, which is a Character List:

Testing the property

You would test the value of a character list property by adding a restriction like so:

However, because the On which character? property depends on the Location of the character property being set to On Character, it would also make sense to additionally check for this.

Creating a new Character List property

Create a new property by clicking the Property icon on the ribbon toolbar.  You can also click the Add New Property button at the bottom of the Properties tab of a Character, Location, or Object.  You can also right-click the open Properties folder and select Add Property, or right-click any other open folder and select Add New > Property.

For example, we might create a Wife property like so:

  1. We have set the Description to "Wife".  This will be displayed in the list of available properties for male characters.
  2. Ensure that Property of is set to "Characters", as we want this property to be available for characters only.
  3. Set the Type to Character List.
  4. Tick the Mandatory box only if you want to force all male characters to have a wife.
  5. We want to restrict the list of characters to choose from to be female characters, so set Restrict by Property to Gender and Restrict by Value to Female.
  6. We only want this property to be available to male characters, so in the This Property will only appear if the following are true section, set Property to be Gender and Value to be Male.