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No libraries loaded

If, when starting up Developer, you get the following message:

This means that you either have no libraries installed, or no libraries selected.  Click Yes to automatically go to the Settings > Libraries page.  Here, you must add or select a library.  Unless you have your own custom library, you would normally select StandardLibrary.amf.  If the list is blank, you will need to click Add New Library and browse for the Standard Library.

Compatibility with previous versions

ADRIFT 5 can load ADRIFT 3.9 and 4.0 games, both in Developer and Runner.  Due to the fact that ADRIFT5 is a complete rewrite and a new design, there are some subtle differences between the game being run on previous versions of Runner, and ADRIFT 5 Runner.  If you find any differences that makes a material difference to your game, please email me.