The Map

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The Map

The ADRIFT map provides a 3 Dimensional view of the world the player is in.  Each location on the map is represented by a rectangle, and each connection between locations is drawn by a line.  Because the map is 3D, up/down directions can also be shown,

The map in Developer is a designer, so locations can be added directly on the map, and the layout can be configured within the map itself.  See further details on connecting locations.

For a video demonstration of the ADRIFT map, click here.


The map controls within Developer are as follows:

When the mouse is not over anything:

When the mouse is over a node/location:

When the mouse is over an anchor:

Keyboard shortcuts

You can completely rebuild the map from the location exits by selecting the map and pressing Ctrl-Shift-R.  Only do this if the map has become corrupt or you wish to start over again, as the operation is irreversible other than by restoring the adventure.

If you create a new location in your adventure, and do not link it to any other locations, ADRIFT will create a new page on the map, and create the location on this page.  You can move locations from one page to another by right-clicking on them, and selecting Move to page.  You can also rename each page by right-clicking on the tab and selecting Rename Page.