System requirements

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System Requirements

Creating Adventures

ADRIFT Developer only runs on Windows.  The only real requirement here is that you have version 2.0 of the .NET Framework installed.  Different versions of .Net run side by side, so if for example, you only have version 4.0 installed then ADRIFT will be unable to run.  You must also install version 2.0.  At the time of writing you can download the latest version from, or through Windows Update.

Playing Adventures

There are various ways you can run ADRIFT games, and this depends on your Operating System.


This is the preferred method of running games as it is the native executable with full functionality.  As per Developer above, Windows Runner requires version 2.0 of the .Net Framework.


There is a Mono version of Runner that is able to run on the Mono Framework.  This is the next best way to run games, as it has a functioning 3D map, and graphics.  There is currently no sound with Mono Runner, due to differences in the sound drivers between operating systems.

You can find out more about Mono at, and you can download the latest version from  Be sure to download the latest version 2.

If you are installing Mono as a package, it should be listed as Mono core library (for CLI 2.0), or  libmono-corlib2.0-cil.

Currently, Mono Runner also makes use of the Visual Basic 2005 runtime libraries for Mono (libmono-microsoft-visualbasic8.0-cil).  On Ubuntu you should be able to find this in Software Centre in the technical items section.


Mono Runner should also work on Apple Mac. Please follow the instructions in the step above.


It is also possible to play games online.  This does support the map, but it is not interactive 3D as per the versions above.  However, it does support graphics and audio.

The default server for playing ADRIFT games online is  All you need is a web browser that supports Javascript.

Please contact me if you wish to host your own version of Web Runner.  You will need the following: