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Synonyms allow you to change input text from the player before it gets parsed by Runner.

ADRIFT Developer must not be in Simple Mode for the Synonym button to be visible on the main toolbar.

Creating a new Synonym brings up the editor, which looks like this:

A synonym can replace any number of words or phrases with an alternative word or phrase.  

The Replace any user input containing any of the following box is a dropdown list, where you can enter any number of single words or phrases.  To add more than one, simply press Enter, in the same way that multiple object nouns are created.  Each entry in this list will be replaced.

The with this box can only contain a single word or phrase.  Any matching phrases from the first box will be replaced with this text.

Synonyms can be particularly useful when creating a game in a different language.  Commands in one language can be mapped to their corresponding command in English, enabling quicker game play if a library is not available for the language you want.


The ADRIFT system has some in-built commands for handling logic.  For example, if you wanted to pick up everything in the room, you might type get all.  However, some people might also type the command get everything.  Whilst the former command will execute as you would expect, ADRIFT does not understand the latter.  Creating a synonym for this will convert the input command to one that ADRIFT will recognise.

So, if you create a synonym to replace "everything" with "all", when the player types the command get everything, it will be converted to get all, and processed in the normal way.