Object Properties

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Object Properties

Properties allow you to customise everything about the object, specifying the things that can be done to it, and any other attributes.

Selecting a property will assign it to the current object.  Depending on the property type, this may just be a selection only property, or you may need to assign it a value.

Some properties may become available depending on the value set on other properties. For example, if Object can be opened and closed is selected (i.e. it has some sort or door or lid) then the Open status and Object can be locked property will become visible.

If the tick-box and name of a property (for example, Open status) are shown greyed-out, this indicates the property is mandatory.  This may well be because of other selections on the object.  For example, if an object can be opened and closed, it has to have a property saying whether it is either open or closed.

When a state list property has two options it is displayed as radio buttons.  When there are more than two options it will be displayed as a drop-down list.

To add a new property, click the Add New Property button at the bottom of the form. This will bring up the New Property dialog box and default it to type Object.  Once the property has been applied, it will appear on the property page of all objects, locations or characters.

To use the value of a property in an expression or text box, use an object function.

The Standard Library comes with the following object properties:

Static object properties

Dynamic object properties

Common object properties