Displaying something Once

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Displaying something Once

There may be times when you only want to display something once.  This is easy if the thing you are displaying is part of a task - you just need to ensure your task is not repeatable.

However, what if it is a location, object or character description.

ADRIFT provides a very handy way to show descriptions once only.

Add the description that you only want do show once.  Then right-click in the text box and select the Only Display Once item on the menu.  This will add a check against the menu item.

Then right-click again and select Add Alternative Description to add a new tab.  

Anything you write in the first text box will only be displayed once.  Any subsequent output of the description will display the second description only.

When using the Only Display Once option, the restrictions at the top of the text box following the one you are displaying just once are effectively ignored.

So in the above example, we might get the following when playing the game:

> look
Wow!  The first impression of this room is astounding!  There are crystals everywhere.

> look
You are in the crystal cavern.  There are crystals everywhere.

You can also layer up more than one tab with the Only Display Once option set, so you could get multiple tabs that are only displayed once, one after the other.