An Overview

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An Overview

Games are created in ADRIFT by making a series of locations.  Within these locations you can create objects and characters.  Objects can either be static (fixed in place) or dynamic (can be moved about).

ADRIFT comes with a standard library, which defines the world model (i.e. the basic rules by which everything must abide, for example, only being able to take objects that are visible to the player, being able to push and pull objects, and interaction with characters).  These rules are defined in tasks, and can all be customised.  You can also create your own commands that ADRIFT understands by creating general tasks, and you can override the normal behaviour of a task by creating specific tasks (i.e making special things happen in specific circumstances).  You can define system tasks which will only be called as a sub-routine or when specially triggered.

You can make things happen independently from what the player types on the command line by creating events.  Events can display text or call tasks to carry out certain actions.

You can further customise your game by adding variables, groups, properties, text overrides and hints.